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NEW! Introducing the Lethal Drag Queen (coming this spring)

Introducing the Lethal Drag Queen (coming this spring)

The “LIVING RUBBER,” more complicated then you see member of the Lethal Weapon Family, loves to be thrown on a 7’ MH rod with 17# Flouro and a big trailer to dredge up the bottom. This member is not shy about making an appearance, and does so with a real distinct manner. Like a fleeing crawdad, it mimics the clicking scraping noise of its fellow counterparts by banging its rattling, tungsten plated head along the bottom in search of Bass. Irritating the big ones by entering places they live; like on clam beds, the tops of ledges or deep gravel bars, there is no concern for any creatures well being. As a result, the Bass tend to get agitated, aggressive and ornery when this maniac comes around. It’s no surprise that this jig is unapologetic for any of its actions and doesn’t care what any fish thinks as long as the job gets done.


The first shipment of Lethal Shad arrived on Monday April 5th and has been flying out the door. Some of the Lethal Weapon Pro staff and many local anglers have already been on the water with rave reviews of the fantastic swimming action and tail flutter on the drop. The 110 Shad is a great value at only $8.99 for a three pack as it is hand tied and hand assembled to ensure the highest quality standards. The colors it is available in are perch, purplescent shad, threadfin shad, holo shad, ayu, baby bass, sexy shad, blue back herring, pearl shad, firetiger, trout, and golden shiner.

Quantities are limited and will soon be available on our online store for purchase. Watch for more product images and pro staff reviews in the near future.

Press Play to see our Lethal Precision 110 Shad in action:

Bob's Bait & Tackle 2nd Annual Fish-O-Rama Derby!

Bob's Bait & Tackle 1st Annual Fish-O-Rama Derby was a huge success with over $1637 (total) donated to St. Jude's Children Hospital. Click HERE to view photos from the event.

Jimmy Johnson

Jim has won many tournaments and loves swimming jigs.
During the 2006 Bass Masters Classic on the Kissimee/ Toho Chain in Florida, Jim Johnson actually held 1st place for a brief period of the finals swimming our Lethal Weapon II jig. In the end, however, he ended up 9th overall with a very impressive stringer using our Lethal Weapon II jigs. He stated that our jig was just killing the fish all week.

In 2003, he qualified for state by winning the Wisconsin Federation zone four tournament swimming our Lethal Weapon II jigs. He then went on to win the state tournament later that year.

In 2004, he qualified once again for the state tournament and went back to defend his title but came up a little bit short and ended up taking second place, which is still impressive. Although Jim's success is a combination of a lot of things, he would tell you that our swimming jigs are a key component. Being that Jim loves our jigs, he is also a rep for the company.

Next time you see him, ask him about them because you may learn something.

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