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Hello and Welcome to LethalWeaponLures.com, the jig fishermen's paradise. We here at Lethal Weapon Lures are jig fanatics and have found ways to use them in every situation from on the bottom and in cover to over and through the weeds. I guess you can pretty much call us "JIGHEADS." We believe anyone who uses our lures will become a jig fanatic as well. Thanks for visiting and we look forward to hearing back from you. We'd love to have you in our testimonials.

Do You Want Steak or Hot Dogs for Dinner?

Our lures capture the realistic appearance of bass favorite food from crawfish to shad. As a result, they trick even the weariest fish. We are confident that your catch, both quality and number will be increased through the use of our handmade lures.

Why You Ask?

Every lure is handmade with the sharpest hook and optimal weed guard to ensure a quality hook set every time. Our pride and image is on the line, therefore, each hook is hand bent (because you can't buy the ideal hook pre-bent with the correct angle) and optimal weedguard glued in place. The skirt is carefully hand-tied with the perfect number of strands. They don't contain a 50-strand rubber collar like 99% of the jigs out there. Too much skirt appears unrealistic underwater, especially when not hand-tied. Rather our skirts are tied so tight that when given the opportunity to open up, they dance with great enthusiasm. Chet and I believe that unlike ours, practically the entire line of jigs available have too much skirt, an average hook and a fish guard rather than a weedguard. Believe us when we say, "Our jigs will never be outmatched."

About Us

Scott Gartner and his pro staff have been tying their own lures for many years and feel now is the time to share them with bass fishermen everywhere. Tournament fishermen for the past 13 years, Chet and Scott have had several first or second place finishes, and many top five performances. The duo finished number seven overall in their areas top circuit, "Team Supreme Tournament Trail," in 2002. After a few years off for college,teamed back up in 2006 they ended up 21st at the nationals, just .003 pounds out of the money. There is no secret anymore as to how they have turned in so many limits. Chet and Scott catch 90% of their fish from pre-spawn through fall on their homemade lures. "It's not rocket science," states Scott. "Give the fish something that looks natural and they will eat it more often than not." At just 29 years old, they look to be on the rise in the coming years.

In their home territory, they are already known.

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