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TIP DOWN complete set

Finally our Lethal Weapon Tip Down "Complete Set" is ready for Sale. Took some testing to get it perfected but I think we are there now! This new product has a fold up/down base that fits easily in a 5 gallon pail and opens up to be tall enough to never have to kneel down to set the hook again. It's also built wide and sturdy enough to make sure the wind doesn't blow it over. Finally, the stand is designed Tall enough so that the rod never taps the ice and alerts the fish to drop the bait when a fish hits and takes off. Amish Built and sprayed with Lacquer the stands will hold up pretty darn well to all conditions. $37.99 for complete set. Pole is 28" long and medium action. The reel comes pre-spoiled with 4lb test and has a gold #4 Aberdeen hook already tied on for the fishermen. SIMPLY put a Split shot and minnow on it and be ready for some great Tip down action in seconds this late ice..Limited Quantity available. @ Island Outdoors | 129 Clinton Street, La Crosse, WI 54603 | Phone: 608-782-5552 | Email: