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F*ck The Corona Virus Short Sleeve Shirts

As everyone knows, the Corona Virus has negatively impacted Many Small Businesses similar to Our shop, Island Outdoors. In an effort to help our shop and other small businesses like ours, we figured we would do a SHIRT that was not only a STATEMENT, but Super Cool looking and as comfortable as ANY shirt you could ever buy, period. We used the same Technology we use to make both Lethal Weapon Lures and Island Outdoors Fishing Jerseys for both shirts. We created these "F-THE C'RONA" Short Sleeve shirts as a "sort of" fundraiser for us, and 100% as a fundraiser for other small businesses like us. That said, 50% of all profits will be given to Small Businesses in need, other than our Shop. The more we sell, the more $$ that gets redistributed to others in need. So not only do you get the most comfy short sleeve shirt in your closet, but businesses get some much needed help as a bonus! This pricing is NOT inflated and the same as an Island Outdoors or Lethal Weapon jersey would cost if you came to our store. We are simply selling at a very fair price and then giving half the profit away!!! The shirts will be here in short order. Probably a couple weeks. Taking Orders NOW to get an idea of volume!!! Front of shirt is Top picture Back of shirt is just below | 129 Clinton Street, La Crosse, WI 54603 | Phone: 608-782-5552 | Email: