Tips and Tricks

  • The best trailers are Gary Yamamoto or Action Plastics 5" grubs.
  • Junebug, pumpkins and electric blue on darker colors match up well. Pearls, whites, smokes and chartreuses on lighter color baits.
  • Swim Lethal Weapon II jigs in and around grass and other vegetation.
  • Glue your tails on your swimming jigs and every jig for better results.
  • Use scents when getting short hits on your jigs.
  • Cut the skirt to just below your hook when getting short hits.
  • Don't set the hook like a maniac, just twist your hips when you feel a bite on a swimming jig like you would with a spinner bait.
  • Use your swimming jig as a search bait.
  • Use Lethal Weapon I on rocks or anywhere crawfish are present.
  • Use double tails on your Lethal Weapon I jigs.

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